Joe Rhew

Helping startups transform operations from a bottleneck to a growth enabler

I help startups go from being bogged down by operations to growing more quickly thanks to operations.

Drawing on my experiences across Uber and YC, I focus on the overall company strategy first and then help startups calibrate their operations. I streamline and automate manual processes and build tooling that is flexible and scalable.

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Based on my 10+ years of experience across YC, Uber, and investment banking, I tailor my approach to your specific needs. While I have diverse experiences across all areas of operations, my specializations include:

1. Operations strategy
2. Business operations
3. 2- and 3-sided marketplaces
4. Launch and expansion
5. Automations and internal tools

If your operations are in need of a revamp, please get in touch!

Ops Hacks

I am building a community of ops folks at early stage startups at Ops Hacks.


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